Vega 64/56 The unsung mining Hero

So I’ve recently got back into mining to a small degree. With the shortages and price scalping of Graphics cards some cards still stand strong even compared to more modern cards. Today I bring you Vega 64 the timeless wonder from AMD. I’ve been able to tweak my Vega 64 to get over 50mh/s in Ethereum, and the real shocker here is at measly 130 watts of power consumption. Vega has always been a compute card, and AMD decided to push its clock speeds and voltage to the roof to compete in the gaming market. My Powercolor Vega 64 Red Devil pushes 1.2 volts to the gpu core for a advertised boost of 1630mhz. It quickly becomes power limited at its factory 300 watt tdp. What makes Vega special is you get HBM memory. In my case 8gb of Samsung hbm2 memory. If you have any experience in overclocking then you know about the voltage wall. Vega is most efficient around 0.900 volts, and It hits a solid wall at around 1.150 volts. So my Powercolor card pushed the voltages to 1.2 it couldn’t even hit its rated 1630 rated boost clock, it hit its 300 watt tdp and throttled back. Solution move the power slider to + 20% and then at 360 watts it could hit its 1630mhz boost speeds. So what happens when you pull back the voltage on the gpu core and tune for efficiency? It’s rather amazing I’m able to run at 0.900 volts and 1100mhz power consumption you ask? 140-150 watts.

OK so we established that Vega can be really power efficient as long as you don’t push the clock speeds and voltage. What next? Memory tuning. My Vega 64 pushes 1.100 volts to the memory from the factory to run at 945mhz. I can clock the memory to 1150mhz on this voltage. Turns out I can run 1070mhz on 0.900 volts along with much tighter memory timings. Results for mining? 54mh/s and pulling 130 watts. Results for gaming? the same as the stock card while pulling over half the power. Simply blown away Vega is a tuning monster, it really is a shame AMD didn’t do this from the get go. Stock the card pulled 300watts and was able to get 43mh/s, with a bit of tuning with out altering the timing timings 43mh/s and 140watts. Crazy right?

Do you have a Vega card? are you mining? If the answer is yes this this youtube video will help you


You may ask how do you tweak the memory timings? There is a nifty tool for that


If you own a Vega 56/64 and you are a Gamer, then Seriously look into undervolting the Gpu core, and memory. Like I stated I am able to get the same gaming performance at 130watts of power consumption as the Stock Powercolor Red Devil card pulling almost 300 watts. Vega might have been a blunder for most gamers, and its really all AMD’s fault. They are great cards when not pushing the limits from the factory. Far better tuning should have been done.

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