Vega 64/56 The unsung mining Hero

So I’ve recently got back into mining to a small degree. With the shortages and price scalping of Graphics cards some cards still stand strong even compared to more modern cards. Today I bring you Vega 64 the timeless wonder from AMD. I’ve been able to tweak my […]

Updated my main home computer

Many things have changed over the years, but my love for pc hardware and gaming has remained a constant. I decided to go ahead and update my main pc. My old setup now rests in my living room as a media/gaming rig. Below the the build. Picture was […]

Gpu Market?

Seems the graphics card market is a tough sell for most pc gamers right now am I right? Amd released the 6600xt which is a graphics card that will get you by the gpugate. I mean for 450$ for a 1080p card is a tough pill for anyone […]