Rtx 2080ti? Rtx 2080?

Hello fellow gamers. I just wanted to make a quick post about these new cards and How I feel about them. They offer good performance, but the the features they brag about are no where to be found except in a few select benchmarks/demos. Realistically for 250$ you can buy a RX 580 and it will breeze though 1080p gaming. So unless you game at a higher resolution there is zero reason to purchase one of these new Nvidia cards. I am not sponsored by anyone and my opinions are my own. I truly believe right now that the RX 580 brings the best performance for the dollar on the market. Why pay for features that are not proven, and why pay more for a gpu than you need if you only game at 1080p. I personally have a Power Color RX Red Devil Vega 64. I game at 4k, and I used my RX 580 to get some what acceptable results. I only recently upgraded because I found a smoking deal for 409$ shipped to my door for the Vega 64. Nvidia may have a new trio of fast cards, but for the money they want way to much for them. This holds especially true if you only game at 1080p. If you are looking for a 4k card gaming card look for a deal on the 1080ti, or Vega 64 the used market is flooded with good cards right now due to the mining bubble bust.

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